Natural Wealth > Oil Wealth

27M hectares of land in the Congo are being auctioned to oil companies. We want to win the auction & keep the land in the hands of the people!

RedemptionDAO is a movement to protect the forest and co-create nature-based revenue streams with the Congolese people.

What's Happening

  • The right to drill on an area the size of the United Kingdom — 27 million hectares — is being auctioned off to oil companies

  • The 30 blocks include peatlands and virgin rainforest that protect the planet by storing vast quantities of carbon

  • It’s hard to imagine a worse place to drill for oil––and a better place to preserve the natural wealth of—than the Congo Basin


Our Plan

Raise Awareness 

  • Currently, the government is only inviting oil & gas companies to bid.

  • Join us in spreading the word in the Congo and internationally. Sign this petition, engage with our Twitter posts, share this issue with as many people as you can.

This is how we get our foot in the door.

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Launch a strong bid

We will raise funds by:

  • Issuing, certifying, and selling preservation-based carbon credits that reflect the incredibly valuable carbon capture that these rainforests do for the world.

  • Showing major companies that Congo Basin plots are the most impactful way to execute their climate goals, uphold their social responsibility, and invest according to the concerns of their shareholders.

We know this works. Gabon raised money without destroying rainforests by certifying and selling carbon credits. According to the UN, if Gabon sold its credits for $25 a ton, it would net $2.25 billion. Gabon also engaged sponsors like Amazon, who have pledged $10 billion to protect these regions.

Time is of the essence, but it’s not too late.